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My favorite prescription sunglasses for men

There is a pair of men’s prescription sunglasses lying in my drawer, which is my favorite among all what I have. The reason that it is my favorite is that this pair of prescription sunglasses belongs to my grandpa who had recently deceased.

I have never thought that one day I was going to lose my dear grandfather. However, it is just natural to lose these older ones, according to the natural law. I should not be too sad about this, but every time I saw this pair of prescription sunglasses for men, I could not help thinking about him and our happy moments together. I still remember how he wanted this pair of prescription sunglasses for men. One warm afternoon, he came to my bedroom when I came back home from my school. He looked not that happy as usual, so I asked him what was wrong. He said that he was afraid that he was no longer handsome and cool. Hearing this, I burst into laugh and said: “Isn’t the right thing? My dear grandfather, how old is you now? Although I could comfort you by saying that you are still that charming and fascinating, it is the fact that you are not young any more.” He nodded: “Yes, I have to admit that I am no longer young. But you see, there is going to be a ball for seniors, and I have to ask one woman to be my partner. I am afraid that I could not be able to attract any of those ladies. I really want to look attracting and cool, do you have some good ideas?” I got into total silence this time, since I knew how hard it had been for grandfather after my grandmother had passed away a few years ago. Suddenly, I got the idea of decorating my grandfather with a pair of prescription sunglasses for men. At first he was very curious about this idea. But I told him that nowadays there was a fashionable trend in the society that people tend to decorate themselves with prescription sunglasses. Therefore, I got this online address of an excellent eyeglasses store, and I asked my grandfather to choose his prescription sunglasses for men for him.

Now this pair of prescription sunglasses for men was lying quietly in my hand, and I thought about this for a long time.

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