How to convert your eyeglasses prescription?

With the growing popularity of prescription glasses, the demand for cheap glasses and discount glasses online is on an upward slope. But there is a problem here: how can we convert our eyeglasses prescription and fill out them online? This article will let you know these informations. The prescriptions normally use a standard format and a set of abbreviations, so that they can be interpreted internationally. A typical prescription would look like this:

OD: -1.50– 0.25 x 165
OS: -1.00 DS
ADD: + 2.00 OU
PD 64/62

If you would like to order single vision glasses for far distance only, just simply leave off the ADD strength and use the bigger PD (distance PD) 64mm.
OD(Right eye) -1.50 -0.25 165
OS(Left eye) -1.00 DS
PD 64

If you would like to buy Single vision glasses for computer use ,you will have to split the Add number in half, and combine that split number with the Sph, Ignore the remaining Add and use the bigger PD 64mm. Here is the standard format:
OD: -0.50 -0.25 165
OS: Plano DS
PD 64mm

For reading only glasses, you just need to combine the Add and Sph prescription. In the case of the Positive Add and a negative Sph, net the difference, and the new number becomes the Sph. And use the small PD 62mm(if your doctor did not provide the reading PD, please narrow the PD by 2-3mm from the distance PD).
OD: +0.50 -0.25 165
OS: +1.00

If you would like to order bifocal lenses for computer and reading use, just simply split the Add number in half and combine half of the Add with the Sph. The balance of the Add will stay in that data entry field. Note: Most companies do not do bifocal lenses with an Add of less than +1.00. Leave your big PD, unless your monitor is extremely close (less than 18”), in which case, you may wish to narrow the PD by one or two millimeters.

OD -0.50 -0.25 165 +1.00
OS Plano +1.00
PD 64

Many glasses wearers are also wondering if their eyeglass prescription can be converted to contact lenses prescription, as a matter of fact, they can not be done. Converting the glasses prescription to a contacts prescription is only going to determine the power, but that won’t determine the base curve and diamter of lens that you have been fitted with. Contact lenses have to be fitted to your eye. is the fastest growing online company selling cheap yet high quality prescription eyeglasses and progressive sunglasses, Photochromic glasses and polarized sunglasses. PG’s return and refund policy makes your purchase with no risk. Check out their variety of cheap prescription glasses to fit your needs.